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One of my big loves is visiting other countries and enjoying their cultures, arts, foods and wines.  Last summer we visited Spain and spent an entire day in the Alhambra, what a lovely place.

The picture below was taken of me in the gardens as I sat enjoying the cool air and listening to the birds chirping.  The symbols on my scarf are taken for the intricate tile designs seen throughout the palace.

But since my site opened a couple months ago, I’ve had comments that the picture of me taken at the Alhambra looks much to calm and to relaxed to be the type of person who does so many things, seemingly at the same time.  So, on the left you see me at the top of Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic, it that better?

Over the years, I’ve visited 109 countries, joined the Century Traveler’s Club and traveled on every imaginable means of transportation, including a camel and a balloon.  I taught school in Florida for 18 years, practiced real estate law for over 20 years, owned a restaurant, several rental properties, an Avon route and an art gallery.  I’ve directed several plays, volunteered for many civic and altruistic groups, held office in many educational and social groups and co-founded several organizations that are still flourishing today.  I have no plans to retire.

As a volunteer, I have been fortunate to be the co-ordinator for Boquete’s single most successful fundraising event, “Bid 4 Boquete”, which raises funds for four very worthy local charities.  The other picture below shows me in my elf outfit enjoying the days events at the annual auction. 

Blogging is new for me, this is my first attempt at this highly skilled work, I didn’t realize it was so time-consuming and tedious.  My daughter assisted me in designing it and making it all possible.  If you would like some assistance from her to improve your site or to set up a new site, please let me know and I’ll send you her link.

My latest project is the “Host Chef Program”, where chef’s are invited to cook in my “mile-high” kitchen on the side of Volcan Baru in Boquete, Panama. You can find more information on that program by clicking the tab at the top of my home page.

Well, that really isn’t my “latest project”! I’m currently writing the “Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook”, scheduled to be released this summer. It will be available at local stores, on this website and at the Tuesday Morning Meetings at the Event Center in Boquete.

You can find out more about me in the following posts:


If I were to state a goal for “The Boquete Gourmet”, it would be to recognize, to communicate and to celebrate the many riches available in Boquete, culinary and otherwise.

Please email me anytime at, I check my mail several times a day and I’ll will reply quickly. My Panama phone number is 011-507-6614-9514.

Keep checking back to my site, it’s definitely a “work in progress”, and so am I!Alhambra photo
Elf at Christmas

14 Comments to “ABOUT CORA”

  • Joyce Newton says:

    Cora, your experiences are amazing! I am so looking forward to reading more and more about your experiences (and sharing in some, too!). You have a contagious excitement for life and an impressive ability to convey it to your readers. I’m hooked.

  • Nancy Penny says:

    Hello Cora…my, how impressive! I am so proud of all you have accomplished in your life. And now, another new adventure—blogging. The site is great and very informative. I have so enjoyed following your TBG activities and I do want to join you in Panama one day.
    Just remember “you can’t beat fun!”….nanc

    • corakent says:

      Hi Nanc, You never know what I’ll do next. This is a big project, but lots of fun. Living in Boquete is so much fun, I hate not to tell folks about it. The culture is rich with simple pleasures, clean air, pure water and you can see forever! I hope you keep coming back to my blog, I’ll be including lots about coffee. Hugs, Co

  • Mike says:

    Send me a regular email:

    Mike Catalano

    • corakent says:

      Hi Mike, I tried your email, it bounced back. I hope you’re doing well, I often think of the fun times we had together. You made it all possible for me, did I ever thank you?
      Let’s keep in touch. You can see some new pix at, About Cora. Can’t beat fun, right! Hugs

  • Great blog! Hope to get to see you and Dave next time I’m in Panama. Did you know I’m the Director of the Panama Canal Museum here in Seminole, FL? Elizabeth

    • corakent says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for your comment, please come visit us when you get to Panama, do you have a trip planned? We’re looking forward to seeing you. Cora TBG

  • Hilda says:

    Dear Cora,

    Your blog is wonderful! Congratulations as well as my deep appreciation for your involvement in the intercultural affairs of Boquete.



    • corakent says:

      Hello Hilda,
      Thanks for your comments, this project is just beginning, I have so much to learn and to do.
      Please come up and visit us the next time you get up to Boquete. Please check my blog often, I’ll look for your comments.
      Cora TBG

  • Cora!! What a great blog! I love it! Keep up the good work.

    • corakent says:

      Hi Dick, Wow, I get a real comment - thanks! After a big night of gourmet dining, it’s taken me until now to get going. Keep checking TBG for my take on Tuscan. There is sooooo much to do with this project it’s amazing. You deserve “honors” for yours.

    • corakent says:

      Hi again Dick, I finished my $1,500 blog, what so you think? Isn’t life great in Boquete when we can think of such frivolous things?

  • corakent says:

    Hi Elizabeth, So nice to hear from you. Remember when we first met in our little back kitchen? We’ve both come a long way, but somehow have stayed pretty close together.
    Please plan to come up to Boquete whenever you can. I have a painting of yours in our hallway, come up and see it anytime! Hugs, Cora

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