j0439402We all know what a “gourmet” is, and we know if we are a “gourmet”, right?  If you’re not sure, click on my earlier article, “Are you a Gourmet?  Take This Test”. Many readers have commented that they always knew they loved fine food, but weren’t sure whether they were indeed a “gourmet’.

If you find that you are a gourmet, the next question is whether you are healthier and in better shape because of that fact?

Can eating like a gourmet actually be good for our health?  Can a gourmet diet ward off disease and illness?  If we begin to eat like a gourmet, could such a diet heal damage done to our bodies by eating “ordinary” diets most people consume?  Will we age better eating a “gourmet” diet?kelley2

Kelley Herring, a Florida nutritionist specializing in healthy lifestyles, says that eating like a gourmet actually does promote health, protect against disease and extend an active, age-defying life.

Kelley has discovered how we can restore our health, boost our energy and optimize our weight, simply by eating like a “gourmet”, one delicious bite at a time.  That is something that I’m very much interested in.  No, I don’t expect to have the youth or beauty of these young folks in the picture above, but I can certainly feel as happy and be as energetic as they are, why not?

I particularly like the fact that as a “gourmet” I can age better, and I can “eat my way into shape”.  If you’d like to learn more about Kelley’s discoveries and to read about some of the books she has written, go to Healing Gourmet Click Here!  Kelley has a free report you can open, if you’d like to learn more about how gourmets cook and eat.  She has included some delicious-sounding recipes for us to enjoy.  We can download her books on our computers in Boquete or anywhere in the world, no mail problems or shipping cost.smartcooksage

For some of us who are wanting a little slimmer profile, look at her book, “Slim Down, Shape Up”, notice I used the word “little”!