pressureToday’s modern pressure cookers have many safety features our mother’s never had.  Chef Lauretta used a modern pressure cooker to cook her navy beans for the Frijoles Rancheros she served during her Mexican Cooking Class last month, and it looked so easy.  It only took Lauretta 30 minutes to take dried beans to tender perfection in her cooker, which would have taken me at least 2 hours using a stock pot.   So of course, I had to get a pressure cooker and it had to be stainless steel, no aluminum utensils for me.

Super Baru, a huge grocery store in David, had a beautiful stainless steel Manttra cooker for $42.  I had to buy it, just think of how much time I can save!

My new Manttra  “Quick and Easy” pressure cooker has 6 safety features.  There is a device that won’t allow pressure to build up unless completely closed, a pressure regulator that hisses, a gasket release that allows steam to be released if the gasket malfunctions, a fusible safety device that melts if pressure rises beyond normal due to the cooker having insufficient water or clogged vent tube, a 3-way safety button that won’t allow steam to build up unless properly seated, and a visual pressure indicator that shows when the cooker is under pressure and indicates drop in pressure when the cooker is removed from heat.

After all that, I felt comfortable using my new cooker for the first time and the results were amazingly delicious!

First, pressure1I browned a beautiful 3-pound pork loin in butter, onions, sliced carrots and crushed garlic, added cubed potatoes, chopped fresh cilantro, one cup of red wine and a cup chicken stock.   A small trivet came with the cooker and I slipped it under the pork, then sprinkled salt and pepper over everything and closed the lid.  Thirty-seven minutes later, I removed the cooker from the heat, released the pressure and placed the pork and vegetables on a serving dish.  Then, I quickly returned the cooker to the heat and reduced the broth to half.  It made the perfect wine sauce to serve with my first-ever dinner in my new pressure cooker.

Tonight, I’ll try Chicken Curry, it will only take 10 minutes to cook.  I brought back some fresh curry powder from Egypt this summer, so this will make the perfect dish for dinner, and SO FAST!