paraderealWasn’t it Barbara Streisand who sang that song? I remember she was wearing a fancy dress, spinning around with her hands raised in the air singing those words.  That was me yesterday in Boquete.paradedressparade5paradedevil

The bajareque kept coming down across the marchers, but they didn’t notice.  Band members were dressed in their finest uniforms and the Panama dresses on the dancers were glistening with their dusting of mist.

Locals and visitors alike lined the streets to see the biggest parade of the year, the Independence Day Parade.  This is the day when so many Panamanian bands and school groups come to Boquete to show off their many talents and their pride in country.paradedrumsparadebass

This year, there were marching bands from different provinces, including a huge band from Las Tablas, complete with 4 enormous, white, fiberglass sousaphones, each costing over $3,200!

You could never tell by my photos that the air was filled with bajareque mist and it was a wonderful feeling being with so many fun-loving teens who didn’t notice it at all.

This was Boquete in it’s finest face.  I kept singing that song from “Funny Face”, hoping that the mist wouldn’t turn into rain and it didn’t.parade2