After hearing so much about the new Cuidad de David Hotel and Stylo Resto-Bar, located only 45 minutes south of Boquete, Panama, I just had to try it.   The buzz is that it’s the only “5-star” hotel and restaurant in Chiriqui Province, although I haven’t been able to document that claim. 

The best way I know to find the actual quality of food and service is to experience it first-hand. So one hot day last week we drove into the parking garage of the handsome Cuidad de David Hotel, took the silent elevator to the street level and entered the most unusual and stylish hotel lobby I have experienced since I left Madrid last year.

The hotel lobby and sleek bar are modern and brightly colored to match the buildings exterior.

As we neared the restaurant door, it was graciously opened for us and a shiny, sleek, comfortably arranged dining room was revealed. It was tastefully decorated in deep brown and cream tones.

The elegant tables were dressed in white linens and set with sparkling glassware and solid-white china service plates. This is my kind of restaurant!

Our courteous server Elvin, explained the luncheon options and showed us the fresh and colorful salad bar available. Lunch included the salad bar and the hot meal of the day was either corvina with garlic rosemary sauce or roasted chicken breast. The choices vary depending on what the chef prepares each day. A drink and dessert were included in the lunch special as well. Menu items were also available, in case we wanted to order ala carte.

The choice was easy. I ordered the full lunch with corvina and it was delicious! The photo above is the salad I designed and the next photo is of the full lunch I enjoyed so much. Notice the fresh crumbled bacon and local country cheese. The sweet platanos were slowly cooked in natural, raw sugar, probably rare in most 5-star restaurants.

After finishing my “designer” salad, home-made minestrone soup, full hot lunch, and iced tea, I was faced with 3 desserts!

I chose the chocolate mousse, which was rich, light, and just the right consistency. With a bigger appetite, I would have tried the delicate almond tart and diced fresh fruit compote, as well. Maybe next time.

The $12 price seemed very reasonable for such delicious dining so elegantly served. Now, I understand why some folks are saying Stylo is a 5-star restaurant in a 5-star hotel, I wholeheartedly agree!

But, could anyone tell me how I can substantiate the 5-star status?
Buen provecho!