November was a busy month for me. I visited family and friends in Florida, then returned to Boquete, Panama by rental car, ship, bus, and taxi.

The trip back to Boquete took a week and it was filled with adventure and new experiences. My sister and her fiance joined us on the return trip to visit us in Boquete for the first time.

Nancy and Barney hosted us at in Lake Placid, Florida during our visit, and they were excited to come to Panama with us to see our home and beautiful little town of Boquete.

While they were here, they took Mort’s “Artisan Bread-making” class and learned how to make and bake bread in a mud oven. Their breads turned our perfectly, as you can see.

Such a first-time visit to our mountain community called for a “Welcome Party” for Nancy and Barney, right?

Because they are country and western musicians, we decided to have a “Country Barbecue” and invite Nancy and Barney to bring their instruments for entertaining the guests. They play an autoharp and guitar professionally in Florida and other nearby states. Their music has a very unique sound, one that everyone loves.

The barbecue lunch would be roasted pork sandwiches with a variety of sauces, and finger foods of chips and cut vegetables with dips.

The invitations went out and the pork was ordered from our local supermarket, Romero’s, 30 pounds of pork roasts. I decided to use the recipe that Joy and Tom used for their recent party, it was so good. This is their recipe, and thanks to them for sending it on to everyone.

I increased every ingredient so as to make enough barbecued pork for at least 100 guests, who were treated to the juiciest, tastiest and easiest barbecue pork anyone could prepare.


3 lb. pork butt or pork shoulder or picnic roast, boneless
1 ½ tablespoons liquid smoke, either mesquite or hickory
2 tablespoons kosher or coarse salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Make a paste with liquid smoke and kosher salt and rub all over pork roast. Double wrap tightly with aluminum foil. Place in roasting pan and bake 5 hrs. Open the foil and when cool enough to handle, shred meat with 2 forks, chop it across the grain with a short knife, and serve on buttered, toasted buns. You may set out assorted barbecue sauces, so each guest can enjoy the flavor of their choice. Please note that the heavier the pork roast the more paste you have to make proportionately. Be sure to put the wrapped roasts in a baking dish so that no juices leak into your oven.

When the guests settled down to enjoy their lunches, Nancy and Barney dazzled everyone with their rousing songs and unique music. No one could sit still as the beats of familiar melodies took center stage.

To add to the fun, David and Barney had made some jingle clogs for everyone to play along with the toe-tapping tunes. They were easy and fun to make from old bottle caps, nails and sticks, and a great way to recycle bottle caps.

Since the party, many guests have sent their compliments on meeting Nancy and Barney. The loved their music and many asked, “How’d you make that pork?”. Now, everyone knows how I did it!

We’d love to have Nancy and Barney return to Boquete soon, as they are now familiar with the area and have many friends here.

Maybe next time they come we could have a fancy dinner party for them, or a fun and festive sock hop, or maybe even a luxurious wedding in our little garden chapel?