muralwinestoreAfter beginning to research murals and looking for murals around Boquete, I was shocked to find so many in plain view on public streets. This one was on the wall of a building that once was a real estate office. If you wanted to buy a beautiful home in Boquete like this, you could come into this office.

A brightly colored mural was spotted on the main street of Boquete, just above the door of Sabroson Restaurante. It looks like they have an excellent chef, what a lovely way to advertise.muralsab

Several residents have murals painted on their walls by local artists. One of the finest I’ve seen is displayed in a corner of the Eickhoff home in Volcancito. The artist spent many long days creating this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. muralcindy

A colorful map of Panama was painted on a large wall of the local high school. It shows the locale of the various artists throughout the country.

If you want to see where polleras or sombreros are made, look at this mural.muralpanama

An announcement came out recently about a mural artist coming to Boquete to volunteer to paint a mural for a non-profit organization at no charge.

There are several organizations here that could take advantage of such an offer. The “Bid 4 Boquete Charity Auction” committee represents 4 large non-profit organizations in Boquete. The annual auction is the biggest charity event in Boquete, and every year it gets bigger.

I’m thinking this might be just the project for “Bid 4 Boquete” in the coming months, if we could find a building with an available wall to paint. Do you have any ideas?