muralpaintersDo you know what was the longest mural in the world?  I knew what is was before looking on Wikipedia, but I checked just to be sure.  Look at the end of this blog and you’ll see if you are correct.  Now, to more murals in Boquete and to one that may be the shortest in the world.

Every day something new happens in Boquete, go into town and you’ll see the action. This week, mural artist Tova Speter visited Boquete only for a few days, but representatives from 7 local “grass-roots” charity organizations got together with her to created the newest mural on the main street of town.

Tova is the young lady closest to the camera.

By the time I arrived to help paint this mural, Tova had the paints all mixed and ready to go. She had the basic layout sketched, and we all got busy creating the lovely mural you see below.

muralcommunitySeveral local children added their hand prints to the left side of the rainbow. The children loved being involved in the mural, as did their parents and everyone else.

Notice the steaming cup of Boquete’s fine “gourmet” coffee on the bottom right. I’m guessing it’s probably the “Geisha” variety of coffee, the finest, richest coffee in the world.

This mural was completed quickly with lots of help from the entire community, another example of “The Spirit of Sharing” in Boquete.

Now, what was the longest mural ever painted in the world?

The Western side of the Berlin Wall between 1980 and 1989.  Then, it fell.

To see world-famous mural artists and their work, including Michelangelo and Diego Rivera, go to Wikipedia, enter “murals”.   Next in the series of ‘Murals in Boquete”, you’ll see some ceiling murals, really stunningly beautiful.