muralaxelbigDuring the past three years of being involved in Boquete’s biggest charity event, “Bid 4 Boquete”, I have met some very talented and caring people. I’ve been able to get acquainted with people, properties and businesses otherwise not easily accessible to the general public.

Pension Topaz is one such property. It’s located on a tree-lined back street near the center of Boquete on a small tributary, a very lovely location.

Owner Axel Schob is a strong supporter of local charities, an entrepreneur and a multi-talented artist who specializes in murals. When I first visited Pension Topas seeking donations for the charity effort, I found Axel working on one of his many murals he painted around the property.muralaxel2

The mural of the waiter delivering drinks shows the exuberant flair Axel expresses on all his work. He paints fun and fantasy, as well as the world in perfection, as shown in the Monet-style lake scene in the very top mural.


I feel at home at Pension Topas, it’s a comfy-cozy feeling to be cruising under deep-blue skies on mountain lakes, or high on a sailing mast looking down on deep seas. If you look closely, you can see the hand sink near the shore of Kashmere Lake in India and the little mouse way up on the mast of the fantasy sailing ship flying above the lighthouse.


As I strolled the grounds of this friendly hostel, I spotted many gorgeous murals usually seen only by visitors lucky enough to stay at the Topas, too many to include in this post. Keep visiting this site and you’ll see some more of Axel’s work in future writings.

During their time in Boquete, visitors are treated to the sight of beautiful murals throughout Boquete, they only need to look. And while they’re here, they will also be able to taste the finest, richest, most flavorful coffee in the world.