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Christmas Dinner at The Gran Hotel

Published on January 9th, 2011no comments

The first thing to know is that I got braces on my lower teeth last month, December 7 exactly. I’ve been suffering ever since then, especially when it comes to dinner time.

My teeth began to bother me several months ago. It seemed that every time I wanted to chew something, my lower lip would get caught between my teeth and it became a big concern. I know this is way more information than you wanted, but that’s why I decided, along with my dentist, that something had to be done.

Well, the solution was easy - - get braces to straighten my teeth so I wouldn’t keep chomping on my lip. No problem - I thought the price charged by my orthodontist was reasonable, so I decided to get the job done. If you want to know any particulars or to see a photo, please let me know.

Anyway, the braces went on quickly and they didn’t hurt at all during the first few days. The only problem was that I couldn’t chew anything!

I could not have imaged how difficult it would be to find foods soft enough to swallow without chewing. As of December 7, cream soups and mush became my regular diet. The braces will stay on for eight months, so I’d better get used to them, right?

Sometime after December 7, David and I decided to go to Costa Rica for the Christmas holidays. I didn’t think of how it may be difficult to get foods I could eat in Costa Rica, especially when I couldn’t chew. The only foods I could eat had to be pulverized, such as cream soup, mashed potatoes, guacamole, milk shakes and soft dishes like that.

For Christmas dinner in San Jose at the restaurant of the Gran Hotel de Costa Rica, I brought a pouch of prepared mashed red beans and took it to the hotel’s chef. I asked him to prepare my Christmas dinner using my beans and his mashed potatoes. This is how it turned out, a wonderful, tasty holiday dinner!

I’d say I was very lucky to find such a talented chef in a far-away country on Christmas day. Notice that the fresh basil the chef used to decorate the presentation was micro-wave dried, a very clever chef, indeed!

“When given lemons, make lemonade”, right?

Choose a Gift for Your Kitchen Now!

Published on December 10th, 2010no comments

Would you like to choose a gift for your kitchen this season? If you live in Panama and you know someone coming to Panama soon, maybe they would be happy to bring your gift with them when they come. Maybe you will be visiting friends or family during the holidays, and you could have your gift sent to them in time to bring it back to Panama with you.
Anyone on your gift-giving list would like any of these delightful, culinary gifts for these holidays. Just click on any item highlighted in blue for a complete description and follow the instructions to have your gift sent anywhere in the world.

1. Expresso Coffee Machine This is the best buy of all five gifts. I’ve listed it first because you can stop right here and order this fine DeLongi Retro pump-driven expresso machine, an original $210.00 value for only $81.75. It has a swivel-jet frother for creamy cappuccinos or lattes and all the features a connoisseur of fine coffee would appreciate.
2. Glass Covered Pedestal Cake Stand Every cook needs a 13″ pedestal cake plate with an 11″ high glass dome to showcase their treats. I recommend this one because the 2 pieces can be reversed to become a punch bowl. The price is right at only $23.73. If you have seen Martha Stewart making or presenting her cakes, you have seen her collection of cake stands. Try serving guests pies, sandwiches, cakes, cheeses or snacks on this stand and listen for their righcompliments!

3. Fondue Pot This Rival stainless steel fondue pot makes the perfect gift. Reduced to $29.99, it’s reasonable enough to send to friends you think would love cheese or chocolate fondue, who wouldn’t? A fondue pot is always fun at a party. My granddaughter loves to dip fruit into the melted chocolate. This 3-quart pot comes with 8 long, colorful forks. fonduepot

4. Pizzelle MakerCuisenart Papa Rico uses this Cuisinart pizzelle press to make his special dessert treats. Everyone loves eating them, especially when they are dusted with powdered sugar. I am thinking how good they would be with a light dusting of my Christmas Green Orange Dust mixed with sugar. Papa Rico uses his secret recipe for his batter, but here is mine. The reduced price is right at $37.83.

5. Pizza Pizzazz Pizza Oven Pizzaz Your family and friends would really enjoy having this unique kitchen appliance and it’s so much fun to use. The lucky recipient can easily prepare the exact pizza to their own tastes. For only $42.99, it will bring hours and hours of fun and delicious, “designer” pizzas. Don’t miss my blog with the best crust recipe to use in this oven.

Whenever a special occasion arises, remember these suggestions and your gift giving will be so easy. Click on the links highlighted in blue and go directly to Amazon to order your gifts today!

AND - - if you’re in Boquete, Panama or nearby, stop at LaReina Department Store, Sugar & Spice Bakery, Cacique Souvenir Shop, The Bookmark Bookshop, or Felipe Motta Wine Store and pick up copies of Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook, the best gift of all!!

Thanks, Cora

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