Yes, SippitySup writer, artist and Boquete guest chef, Greg Henry is still in the running for Food Blogger of the Year. The grand prize is $10,000.00 and Greg just might win it all!

His site is

If you would like to see one of the best food bloggers on the web, please check out Greg’s site. He won Round #8, and has entered #9 as one of the 12 best food bloggers on the internet!

Greg has received 8 trophies so far, including one for his Chocolate Pumpkin Tart, that won Challenge #8.   Click here to see his new entry, “The Hollywood District is on My Beat”, which tells about Greg’s visit to the famous District Restaurant in Hollywood. His critique is very intriguing to read, and it includes lots of menu items, prices and descriptions of what Hollywood’s ordering these days.

This is Greg’s entry into Challenge #9, after which there will only be 3 bloggers remaining.  Will you help win this 9th Challenge?  He needs our support from down here in Boquete, where Greg presented his “Golden Age of Hollywood” cooking class last December.

You may find several of Greg’s recipes in the Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook, on sale at Sugar & Spice Bakery, La Reina, and several other locations in Boquete.

If you like Greg’s site, and you like what he has done so far in the Foodbuzz Competition, please go to, and click on Greg’s heart in the box with the black and white photo of the District Restaurant.  The heart will turn red with your vote.

This is the same competition I was in for the first 2 challenges. Thanks again for everyone’s vote. Since my second challenge entry, Greg continued to win trophies week after week, and now has just entered Challenge #9!

Best of luck to Greg, he’s my favorite food blogger ever. And Greg, please plan to come to Boquete again, we’d love to have you share more ideas with us down here. We’re all rooting for you!