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Vote Now for

Written on November 30th, 2010 by one shout

Yes, SippitySup writer, artist and Boquete guest chef, Greg Henry is still in the running for Food Blogger of the Year. The grand prize is $10,000.00 and Greg just might win it all!

His site is

If you would like to see one of the best food bloggers on the web, please check out Greg’s site. He has received 7 trophies so far this year, including one for making a very creative food video. You can see his video by clicking It’s quite professional and really funny.

You might like to try his crab cakes after you see him make them. They look easy to prepare and really good.

As many of you know, Greg was a host chef at my kitchen a few months ago. He presented “Golden Age of Hollywood” recipes from several of the famous Hollywood star restaurants, including Romanoff’s Chocolate Souffle.

This photo was taken in my kitchen during his class, and it shows Greg’s expertise by making Panamian Patacones, only Greg served them with caviar and sour cream, Hollywood style. You may find several of Greg’s recipes in the Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook, on sale at Sugar & Spice Bakery, La Reina, and several other locations in Boquete.

If you like Greg’s site, and you like what he has done so far in the Foodbuzz Competition, please go to, and click at the top of the page where it says “Project Food Blog”.

This is the same competition I was in for the first 2 challenges. Over the past several weeks, Greg has won trophies for the first 7 challenges in this contest and has just entered Challenge #8!

So, once you get into the competition section of the Foodbuzz site, click on Challenge #8 Piece of Cake - CAST YOUR VOTES. Find Greg’s entry for SippitySup, see his photo of Chocolate Pumpkin Tart, and click on the heart in Greg’s box and it will turn red. Doesn’t his tart look like a dessert you’d love to taste?

Best of luck to Greg, he’s my favorite food blogger ever. And Greg, please plan to come to Boquete again, we’d love to have you share more ideas with us down here. We’re all rooting for you!

UPDATE! At 3pm on Dec. 3, we find that WINS AGAIN!!!
Congratulations Greg!

Keep checking for Greg’s next entry!


I’m Ready, Set & Blogging to Be a Star!

Written on September 19th, 2010 by 9 shouts

As you’ve noticed, I’m competing to be the 2010 Foodbuzz Blogger of the Year, which is a big stretch for me. It’s really quite amazing!

These folks look amazed, but they’re having fun learning new food skills together and getting to know each other - they are Boquete Gourmet readers!

Sure, I’ve been blogging for almost a year, it all began on September 30, 2009. It was then when I realized that this new life-style I was living at the top of a mountain in Boquete, Panama, opened up a world of opportunity in so many ways.

But, a year is such a short time to learn not only the ins and outs of blogging, but also how I could make a difference in my new Panamanian community by sharing my experiences with others.

The purpose of this blog is to share what defines me as a food blogger and to explain why I think I should be the next Food Blog Star.

First, my goals of blogging are not just to relate new, innovative recipes to my readers, but I want to communicate the whole, new life-style I’ve been living for the past 8 years. And, I want do it though the hearts of my readers. How is that possible? EASY - - through FOOD!

I’m passionate about food, it’s been my hobby all my life. I can’t visit a new place without trying the local cuisine and attempting to reproduce it in my own kitchen as soon as possible.

There are lots of ways Boquete Gourmet is different from any other blog on the web. My subject matter includes as many aspects of living in a foreign country as possible.

Not only do I blog, but I’ve tried to include as many of my readers in food-related activities as possible. These are all photos of Boquete Gourmet readers, the “real stars” of this blog.

Boquete Gourmet readers visit unusual, unfamiliar area restaurants, travel to neighboring communities together, enjoy Underground Dining events and participate in cooking classes taught by local cooks, bakers and International chefs.

Boquete Gourmet readers are getting involved in their new, foreign community, they try new foods, contribute recipes to the Boquete Community Cookbook and shop in stores unlike anywhere else in the world because of reading my blog.

Boquete Gourmet readers see what it’s like to share experiences across cultures, to dine out of their comfort zone, and to build a new, blended community together.

Everyone in Boquete enjoys pure, mountain water that makes the finest cup of coffee in the world. We all enjoy clean, cool air year-round, and the freshest, home-grown foods the rich, volcanic soil can produce. But, to learn each others customs and life-style through a food blog, is truly unique.

Finally, why should I be the next Food Blog Star? I’m passionate about getting people involved with each other, about sharing each others skills, and about “developing community” not only in Boquete, but in little communities everywhere!

As a “Food Blog Star” I will be able to invest $10,000 promoting “Build Community - Dine Together” throughout the world, helping to foster understanding and peace through man’s basic need, food!

Wish me luck -

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