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Il Pianista Means Italian

Written on November 2nd, 2009 by no shouts

IlPianistaIl Pianista is a tiny restaurant tucked up on the Alto Lino loop on the side of the Palo Alto River where two waterfalls converge.  Hence the name “Pianista”.  The waterfalls sound like a piano playing as you enjoy Giovanni’s famous Italian cuisine.  Doris Day and husband, Giovanni specialize in pizza, lasagna and pasta dishes, prepared with their “secret” sauce.

The first sign of the restaurant is the Italian chef standing out front offering you the specials of the day.  No, that’s not Giovanni, but he’s just as handsome.

The stone restaurant, which was once a boat house, is decorated with lovely paintings, plants and table settings to give a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.  We ordered an onion, garlic and pepperoni pizza, and it came loaded with “real” mozzarella cheese and the crust was exactly to our liking.  You can see the strings of cheese dripping along the plate, yum.    pianistapizza

Anyone can tell that Doris and Giovanni enjoy their work, they are always smiling and chatting with their customers.  Last night, there were lots of folks to chat with.  A family of four visiting from Canada found their way up the Alto Lino loop to enjoy lasagna, crusty bread, wine and batidos, fruit drinks made with fresh fruits and ice cream.

I noticed a couple of diners admiring some of the artwork at Il Pianista.  This painting compliments the sound of the waterfalls outside the window.Pianista
The prices at Il Pianista are reasonable, considering the amount of care Giovanni puts into his specialties. If you’re looking for “designer” Italian cuisine, this is the place not to miss while you’re in Boquete.  To get there,  just drive across the new bridge in the town center and turn left, that’s the “Alto Lino” loop. Il Pianista will be on your right about 2 miles from town, just past Finca Arco Iris.  After dinner, keep driving along the loop and you’ll return back into the town center.   Buon Appetito!

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