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THE ROCK Declares Two Top Winners

Written on January 26th, 2011 by 2 shouts

THE ROCK, a “Food for Senses” restaurant, sponsored the “First Annual Recipe Contest” yesterday in Boquete, Panama.

The contestants came with their carefully-designed creations, and using the restaurant’s professional kitchen for finishing and serving, presented their dishes to the judges, Executive Chef Heiner Gellenberg and me. The winner(s) will be featured in The Rock’s new menu, as well as in 9°80° Magazine.

It was a surprise and honor to be asked to help judge such worthy recipes in this very important restaurant, located on the banks of the mighty Palo Alto River.

Georgiann Evans, Irene Bentley, Juan Linares, Jennifer Sayers and Bev Walker submitted their recipes to the panel, knowing they were to be evaluated based upon creativity, flavor and originality.

The panel was amazed by the entries, a complete Ceviche Bar, Chocolate Box Cake, Baked Rosemary Onion, Salmon and Spinach Shell and Artichoke Cakes, just to name a few of the recipes designed by these very talented chefs.

After much admiration, tasting and consideration, the undisputed winner was Georgiann’s beguiling Grown-up Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Even after naming each contestant a winner, Heiner and I kept thinking of that sandwich, along with Irene’s Chocolate Box Cake. We decided that both of these recipes rose above the other winners to be the top dishes in the contest.

Every contestant listed above will enjoy their recipe being featured on The Rock’s menu over the next few months. Maybe the two top winners will remain there for many months to come, I certainly hope so. Both recipes far exceeded the judges’ expectations, each one truly titillated our senses!

Be sure to visit The Rock in the near future, their acclaims have been heard throughout Boquete, Panama and Internationally. You won’t want to miss tasting Georgiann’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich, for grown-ups, of course.

Thanks Heiner, for including me in this most challenging of assignments, especially when we had to choose a winner from all these delightful, eye-catching entries. It was difficult!

Don’t miss tasting them at The Rock soon.

Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook is Here and You’re Invited to the Party!

Written on June 8th, 2010 by 3 shouts

Many residents and contributors to the new “Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook” have been anxiously waiting the arrival of the published books themselves. Attendees of Boquete’s Tuesday Morning Market have tasted some of the sweets that are included in the Sweet & Savory Coffee Mates chapter, including Chocolate Truffles and Mounds Drops.

Several recipes are included that have been contributed by Host Chefs participating in Boquete Gourmet’s “Host Chef Program. The world-famous Rumaki first appeared at Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood, and Host Chef, Greg Henry traveled from Los Angeles to share this delicacy with us here in Boquete. He planned the “ultimate” Hollywood party for students attending his “Golden Age of Hollywood” cooking class, and 3 of Greg’s recipes will appear in the book. Above, Leisure Chef Squirt James assists students in making her unique French bread, see recipe in the cookbook.

Speaking of parties, one chapter is dedicated solely to Fancy Town Parties that have been thrown in Boquete over the past few years. Hosts and hostesses have contributed some of their favorite recipes to the book, you’ll really like making Georgianne and Barry’s Breakfast Casserole. Below, Jane set a lovely party table for a special get-together with friends.

Several Local Charities Helping Others have contributed recipes that connect with some of the good work that is helping to develop lives in Boquete. You’ll enjoy making Aida’s Arroz con Leche and Anayansi’s Empanadas with Ripe Plantains.

One chapter contains many Highland Favorites written by long-term residents and native Boquetenos. The favorite Sancocho Soup is written by my friend Julia, complete with her twist on this old-time Panamanian recipe. This photo is of the otoy she prepared for her soup.

Of course, two chapters are dedicated to coffee, Boquete’s foremost product. Coffee Comes First features dishes made with coffee as the main ingredient. The Coffee Mates chapter includes sweet and savory side dishes to be served with locally grown coffees, such as Bourbon Balls served with Cafe Dos Jefes.

Now, the books are in Boquete and the “Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook” Signing Party is scheduled. Everyone is invited to the party, which will be held in our Cantina in El Santuario on Wednesday, June 16, 4pm-6pm. All the contributors have been invited to come and to bring their favorite pens to sign books for everyone.

The party will be lots of fun, a chance to taste some of the dishes from the cookbook and to get copies of this first-ever Boquete cookbook signed by the author and many of its contributors. The cost of the book is $8.00 and if purchased at the party, books will include a collector bookmark and you’ll have the opportunity to get books autographed by the contributors.

The party is complimentary, only a reservation is needed by email to
Please RSVP as soon as possible.
Hope to see you there,

Coffee Recipe Roundup

Written on March 19th, 2010 by no shouts

Boquete Gourmet is writing and compiling recipes for the first “BOQUETE GOURMET COMMUNITY COOKBOOK”, to be available this June. The developing and collecting of interesting, useful, local recipes has begun. I’m “rounding-up” the best recipes available for this new cookbook and I need your help.

It is hoped that the book will bring about a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural resources available in Boquete, Panama, including fine coffee, bountiful foods and lives full of plenty. The air is cool and clean here, the water is pure and plentiful, the soil is rich, and the views are incredible. The lushness is seen everywhere you look.

Many residents have shared their historic recipes, new-comers have added ‘nouveau’ recipes brought with them for all over the world, local restaurants have contributed, and several Boquete charities have entered recipes that have a special meaning to them. This will be a very collectible cookbook, a unique group of recipes folks will want to use regularly. This is a “sneak preview” of a superb drawing by artist David Necker, which will be used on the title page of the book.

Boquete produces some of the finest, if not THE finest coffees in the world. This is a photo of some of our coffee beans we just finished roasting. I love the dark color and the aroma is amazing. We have a few coffee trees on our property and it’s fun to have fresh coffee available year round

Because Boquete is known for growing fine coffee, one chapter in my cookbook will contain recipes using coffee as the main ingredient. So, I am “rounding-up” original recipes that use coffee in the title or that relate to coffee in a major way.

If you know of such a recipe and would like to share it with our readers, please forward it to me at, along with your full name and contact information. I will send you a reply as soon as possible and let you know the status of your recipe.

Thanks for your thoughts, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Are Gourmets Healthier?

Written on November 28th, 2009 by no shouts

j0439402We all know what a “gourmet” is, and we know if we are a “gourmet”, right?  If you’re not sure, click on my earlier article, “Are you a Gourmet?  Take This Test”. Many readers have commented that they always knew they loved fine food, but weren’t sure whether they were indeed a “gourmet’.

If you find that you are a gourmet, the next question is whether you are healthier and in better shape because of that fact?

Can eating like a gourmet actually be good for our health?  Can a gourmet diet ward off disease and illness?  If we begin to eat like a gourmet, could such a diet heal damage done to our bodies by eating “ordinary” diets most people consume?  Will we age better eating a “gourmet” diet?kelley2

Kelley Herring, a Florida nutritionist specializing in healthy lifestyles, says that eating like a gourmet actually does promote health, protect against disease and extend an active, age-defying life.

Kelley has discovered how we can restore our health, boost our energy and optimize our weight, simply by eating like a “gourmet”, one delicious bite at a time.  That is something that I’m very much interested in.  No, I don’t expect to have the youth or beauty of these young folks in the picture above, but I can certainly feel as happy and be as energetic as they are, why not?

I particularly like the fact that as a “gourmet” I can age better, and I can “eat my way into shape”.  If you’d like to learn more about Kelley’s discoveries and to read about some of the books she has written, go to Healing Gourmet Click Here!  Kelley has a free report you can open, if you’d like to learn more about how gourmets cook and eat.  She has included some delicious-sounding recipes for us to enjoy.  We can download her books on our computers in Boquete or anywhere in the world, no mail problems or shipping cost.smartcooksage

For some of us who are wanting a little slimmer profile, look at her book, “Slim Down, Shape Up”, notice I used the word “little”!

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