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Come on a Gourmet Tour to David

Written on April 6th, 2010 by no shouts

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, a large, air-conditioned Coaster bus will leave Alto Boquete for a “Gourmet Tour of David”. This “gourmet adventure”, all-inclusive tour, will leave the high school parking at 9:00am and will make 4 very interesting stops in David throughout the day, all relating to fine dining, gourmet cooking, and fine wines.

This 7-hour tour will begin with a stop at Danilo’s, Ely Commercial Bakery, where we’ll be treated to a cup of boutique coffee, a personal tour of the bakery facilities, and a take-home loaf of Danilo’s specialty bread. This is a very popular bakery, one that bakes most of the breads and fancy cakes for large local supermarkets, both in David and Boquete. Ely’s distinctive truck may look familiar to you.

The second stop will be at the new Cuidad de David Hotel, for a private tour of the guest rooms, Business Center, Fitness Center and Stylo Restaurant. While visiting the Cuidad de David, Executive Chef, Jose Valdes, will conduct a tour of the hotel’s two kitchens, and present a special cooking demonstration for us.

We’ll enjoy a full-course lunch, with a large soup and salad bar, hot entree of the day, non-alcoholic drink, and 3 desserts.

I would rate this hotel for service, quality of food and elegant atmosphere, among the top hotels in the world. Their stated goal is to “offer you an exceptional experience with hospitality, friendly service and high technology”, and they are meeting that goal every day at the Cuidad de David Hotel.

We’ll continue traveling to David’s newest mega-store, Conway Department Store. While there, we’ll browse the new house wares department and collect recipes and ideas for preparing gourmet meals at home. Four International cuisines will be featured there.

Our final stop will be at the new Felipe Motta Wine Store, where we will be tasting wines from 4 different wine-making regions. This wine store is so new that they will bring in wines from Panama City just for our tasting.

We plan to load the bus about 3:00pm for the return trip to Boquete, scheduled to arrive at the high school a bit before 4:00pm.

The day will be one of adventure, learning about facilities available in David we may not have known before, enjoying world-class dining, exploring new International cuisines and the wines that match them, as well as improving our culinary skills.

The cost of this full-day “Gourmet Adventure Tour” is $35, including everything mentioned above, plus a travel bag and souvenir wine glass. There are only 20 seats remaining, so make your reservations now at, call me at 6614-9514, or comment on this blog.

Hope you can join us,

How to Juice a Watermelon

Written on March 14th, 2010 by 8 shouts

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the new Cuidad de David Hotel this morning, it was full of “typical” Panamanian dishes like corn cakes, salchicha and thinly-sliced white country cheese.

One item I’ve never seen before took my eye. It was a beautifully salmon-pink colored drink served from a frosty, shiny stainless steel juice dispenser. I couldn’t resist pouring a glass and sipping it as I stood before the buffet. I couldn’t wait to carry it back to our table, it was that luscious looking. The taste was fresh, rich and flavorful, not at all watery, like the orange or pineapple juice can be down here. No, this juice was a bit thick, colder than most juices and it reminded me of passion fruit, it was so unusual.

The flavor was obvious, but the form was shocking to me. After my second glass, I asked if it were part watermelon. “Pure watermelon juice, nothing added”, explained the server. “How do you juice a watermelon?”, I asked. Here’s how you do it:

Watermelon Juice

1 watermelon (sandia)
1 blender
1 chinoise

First, you buy a watermelon. On our way back up to Boquete, I bought a lovely ripe watermelon with a few small brown lines on it from our local pick-up truck. Each sandia is $1, there were no huge $2 melons available. The brown lines are marks from honey bees, showing a sweet watermelon must be inside.

When I arrived in my kitchen, I cut the watermelon in half, then into 8ths. It was easy to cut off the rind and to cut the fruit into slender strips. I piled the strips into my blender and added a little crushed ice, which is optional. A quick whiz and it turned to juice. Then, I poured it into my chinois and out drained all the juice, really very easy. The results you can see here, but you miss the naturally sweet, fresh, cool flavor of this freshly-squeezed fruit.

Thanks to Idu and the new Cuidad de David’s Stylo Restaurant for the recipe, it’s excellent!.
I am freezing some of the juice to make watermelon sorbet. David asked how watermelon juice would go with vodka over ice. Good question, I think I’ll try it.

For Style, Try David’s New Stylo

Written on February 19th, 2010 by no shouts

After hearing so much about the new Cuidad de David Hotel and Stylo Resto-Bar, located only 45 minutes south of Boquete, Panama, I just had to try it.   The buzz is that it’s the only “5-star” hotel and restaurant in Chiriqui Province, although I haven’t been able to document that claim. 

The best way I know to find the actual quality of food and service is to experience it first-hand. So one hot day last week we drove into the parking garage of the handsome Cuidad de David Hotel, took the silent elevator to the street level and entered the most unusual and stylish hotel lobby I have experienced since I left Madrid last year.

The hotel lobby and sleek bar are modern and brightly colored to match the buildings exterior.

As we neared the restaurant door, it was graciously opened for us and a shiny, sleek, comfortably arranged dining room was revealed. It was tastefully decorated in deep brown and cream tones.

The elegant tables were dressed in white linens and set with sparkling glassware and solid-white china service plates. This is my kind of restaurant!

Our courteous server Elvin, explained the luncheon options and showed us the fresh and colorful salad bar available. Lunch included the salad bar and the hot meal of the day was either corvina with garlic rosemary sauce or roasted chicken breast. The choices vary depending on what the chef prepares each day. A drink and dessert were included in the lunch special as well. Menu items were also available, in case we wanted to order ala carte.

The choice was easy. I ordered the full lunch with corvina and it was delicious! The photo above is the salad I designed and the next photo is of the full lunch I enjoyed so much. Notice the fresh crumbled bacon and local country cheese. The sweet platanos were slowly cooked in natural, raw sugar, probably rare in most 5-star restaurants.

After finishing my “designer” salad, home-made minestrone soup, full hot lunch, and iced tea, I was faced with 3 desserts!

I chose the chocolate mousse, which was rich, light, and just the right consistency. With a bigger appetite, I would have tried the delicate almond tart and diced fresh fruit compote, as well. Maybe next time.

The $12 price seemed very reasonable for such delicious dining so elegantly served. Now, I understand why some folks are saying Stylo is a 5-star restaurant in a 5-star hotel, I wholeheartedly agree!

But, could anyone tell me how I can substantiate the 5-star status?
Buen provecho!

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