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It’s Been a Great First Year!

Written on October 25th, 2010 by one shout

Oh my, it’s been one year since the birth of this blog, one busy and fascinating year full of challenging and creative events. Not only have I written about what it’s like to live in Boquete, Panama, but there have been so many new personalities that have entered my life.

This is me writing and writing about the things happening here in Boquete and all over Panama, the subjects seem endless.

The year in review includes learning how to use the internet, how to manipulate the latest version of a digital camera, and how to write short sentences that communicate what I’m trying to say. Yes, it’s been challenging, indeed.

Looking back over the past 12 months, I’ve posted 145 blogs, including 463 photos. The site has been enlarged by adding “side-bars” with ads and my own store for on-line shopping. If readers would like to purchase anything highlighted on this site, they can now click into Amazon and order the item(s).

The content is extremely varied. The beginning articles were about living in Boquete, making recipes and reviewing local restaurants. By the end of this first year, I am writing about cooking classes offered by Boquete Gourmet, trips to near-by gourmet establishments, the Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook, and Underground Dinners happening in or near Boquete.

The most popular blog, the one with the most readers was “Boquete’s Sushi Madness”, with the runner-up being “Challenged Again: Chinese Noodle Salad”. How do I know this? It was incredible to learn that Google Analytics keeps track of every single visitor to this site, where in the world they are when they click into the site, how they entered it, how long they visited and which of my blogs they read. Of course, that’s how I knew that the “Sushi-“ blog was so popular.

Now, how can I top this in order to continue to have visits to the site increase? Fans have asked me to write more often, to include more recipes, and to show new products and cooking ideas.

All those suggestions are really good, and I’ll try to keep them in mind as I begin my second year with the Boquete Gourmet.

This year, I also wrote and complied the Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook, in an effort to bring recognition and support to our local charities, residents and new-comers to Boquete. The book has been very well received, selling at The Bookmark Bookstore in Dolega, Felipe Motta in David and LaReina, Cacique Souveniers and Sugar and Spice Bakery in Boquete. Thanks to everyone purchasing the book, to my daughter Kirsten for developing the site, and to my husband David for editing every post. Your support is really appreciated.

You may want to buy several cookbooks about how Boquete residents cook today, including what coffees they are drinking. The $8 price makes the cookbook a wonderful gift for the holidays.

Looking forward to our next year together, I can only imagine what the future will bring!
Keep visiting often,

Three “Sushi Madness” Cooking Classes

Written on February 11th, 2010 by 12 shouts

For several months, folks have been asking for a cooking class featuring Japanese Sushi, and here it is!   The Bistro Boquete’s Executive Chef, Lauretta Bonfiglio, will present three “Sushi Madness” cooking classes, as you’ve never seen sushi before. She has been making sushi for many years and she’s happy to share her expertise with us.

Because of overwhelming demand, there are now three dates for these hands-on classes, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 4, 5 & 6, all begin at 5:00pm.  They will be held in my kitchen in El Santuario, Boquete, Panama, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Traditional Japanese cuisine is intriguing, appealing, healthy and easy to make, once you learn Lauretta’s techniques of preparation.  How to use a Bento Box will be demonstrated. This is an unusual method of presentation that is so popular in Japan.

As an extra attraction, you’ll learn to make Sukiyaki, a traditional dish in Japan that is made with bamboo sprouts, beef tenderloin and other oriental ingredients easily found in Boquete.

The Saki, Plum wine and Green tea will be flowing.  You’ll enjoy the ease of learning to make a beautiful dessert containing a most unusual ingredient.  Once you know how to make it, you’ll want to serve it to friends often.

This is a photo of Sushi stands awaiting their final finish.   Each student will receive a take-home hand-made sushi stand, bamboo sushi rolling mat, chopsticks and chopstick rest as part of the tuition fee of $35.

Please make your reservation now, as space is limited to 12 students in each class.  You may email me at or add a comment to this post.  Please indicate which class is best for you and include your phone number. I’ll send you an immediate response.

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