That’s what everyone is asking me, as I’m sharing my carrots with friends in the neighborhood.  My first thought upon seeing the carrots in a roadside stand was that I had to buy them, I just had to get them and make some of my favorite carrot recipes for the cookbook I’m writing.

The “Boquete Gourmet Community Cookbook” is almost finished, I have a few more recipes to perfect before I send them to the publisher.  The purpose of the cookbook is to share with the world some of the bountiful foods available here, as well as the natural abundance found in the Highlands of Panama.  The cookbook is full of dishes that people have been making in Boquete for over two hundred years, as well as some “nouveau” recipes brought here by recent immigrants.    This blend of the old and new makes for an amazing, world-class cuisine, as shown by the many gourmet restaurants that have recently called Boquete their home.

Last week, David and I drove across the new road to the other side of the volcano, to the town of Volcan. The road just opened and we were a couple of the first travelers to arrive by going the new route through the canyons.

You can see the old foot bridge in the top photo, which was previously the only way to get to Volcan without going all the way south to the Pan-American Highway. This is adventure traveling, seeing new ground for the first time. We found the route very picturesque, and it opens new avenues of extreme sports, bungee jumping and swimming in new water holes not accessible before. Once on the other side of the mountain, we found an abundance of vegetables not harvested in Boquete.

One of the very plentiful foods there is carrots, as you can see by looking closely at the rear of the pickup truck being loaded with freshly-picked local vegetables, onions, yucca, and celery.  Yes, the bags of large, colorful squash on the ground beside the truck were loaded, also.  How could I resist buying 50 pounds of carrots for only $9.00, or 18 cents per pound?

The choice of how to begin using my carrots was easy. First, I’d grate them into my salmon salad sandwich for lunch, juice them for breakfast and use them every way I could think of raw.  I looked back at my old article, “Lose Weight Now, Eat Lots of This” for ideas I may have forgotten.

I made carrot, pineapple and raisin slaw with yogurt dressing, carrot curls, and grated carrot sauerkraut, the choice is never-ending. I’ll let you know how I have been able to use my 50 pounds of carrots in other articles soon. Oh, the possibilities! If you have some ideas, please send them to me.

Love that orange color!