pinkapron There was once a Gourmet Club in Boquete and it was very fashionable to belong to it.  So many folks were accepted into the club that it became a nightmare to organize, even using the latest internet gadgets to help out with the planning.apronblue The Boquete Gourmet Club was popular for many reasons, not the least of which was that every club member had their own “designer” apron to wear to the dinners.  The aprons came from all over the world, in all patterns, colors and designs.  At each dinner, guests couldn’t wait to see what everyone was “wearing”.  (Not clothes, but aprons).apron2

But really, why do chefs wear aprons? You might think it’s handy to use as a towel to wipe hands, or to use as a hot pad to pick up hot dishes, or maybe to protect clothing from spills or splashes, but no - it’s to make a fashion statement!

Based on that phenomenon and the fact I was beginning my new blog, I thought it was important to have an apron made that was just right for me and fans of my blog.  It would need to have “Boquete Gourmet” written on it. It would need to be brown, the color of coffee, and it would need to be of the finest possible quality.

So, I found a beautiful brown, heavy, wrinkle-proof plaid material that would make the perfect statement for any gourmet cook, especially one who has visited Boquete and knows how popular plaids are here.  Zora, a talented local seamstress, developed the pattern from an apron I love.  She sews these aprons to the highest standards.

Anyone wishing to purchase a special designer, “Boquete Gourmet” apron, will find them available at The Bistro Restaurant or by calling 6614-9514.  An apron is only $15.00, including a bag of ‘Boquete Gourmet”, home-grown gourmet coffee.  Then, serving a cup of “Boquete Gourmet” coffee is what I call making a “real” fashion statement.