Participating in the 2010 Project Food Blog has been a dream to me. Last night, I dreamt that I, the Boquete Gourmet from Panama, wasn’t eliminated for the contest, but actually participated in this third challenge, which was to design a “luxury dinner party”.

In my dream, I was asked by Executive Chef Todd English, of the Queen Mary 2 to prepare a menu for a Luxury Dinner Party for twelve buyers of the new, luxurious Buick LaCross, who will be guests of the cruise line for an unprecedented party at The Captain’s Table.

These lucky owners of the most recent model of the Buick LaCross have been asked to accompany the ship’s Captain, Commodore Bernard Warner at his table in his private dining salon for this very special pre-cruise event.

And, to my good luck, there are six seats to be filled for this most luxurious dining spectacular, all expenses paid. If I sent you an invitation to this party, would you RSVP?

Oh, I forgot to tell you that there will be a very special couple also invited to The Captain’s Table that evening, a “royal” couple from the country where the ship will be docked the evening of the dinner party.

This is your engraved invitation with my menu designed for the finest ocean liner in the world, Queen Mary 2.

First Courses
Chilled Cranberry Soup with Aquavit
Napoleon of Smoked Salmon with Caviar
Peach and Champagne Sorbet

Main Course
Roast Ducklings à l’Orange
Haricots Verts, Braised Leeks and Thyme

Fresh Fruit and International Cheese Cart
Baked Alaska with Almond Mousse Cake

You might like to know a few things about this opulent menu and why it was created for The Captain’s Table on this most auspicious occasion.

First, the overall presentation is sparkly and colorful, full of new and exotic flavors. Each dish is served on fine white china, each diner being served at the same precise moment.

Then, special attention is given so that each dish is served with a taste all its own, yet each dish relates to the next in texture or color. Notice the variety of aromas, sounds, and visual delights included in the menu, flowery aquavit, fizzing sorbet, and flaming baked Alaska, to be served with a flourish. This dinner promises to be a treat for the nose, a feast for the eyes, and titillating to the tongue.

Lastly, this unforgettable dinner party was planned for efficiency, both in the availability of the ingredients and the high level of care that is expected on a luxury ship such as the Queen Mary 2. Most of the dishes will be prepared in the afternoon, easily ready for presentation at the exact moment the signal is given to begin the service.

If you’d like to be one of the guests at The Captain’s Table for this most luxurious dinner party, please RSVP now, and I’ll take care of everything else.

Whoops, I think I’m out of my dream and back to reality. This event couldn’t really happen, could it? With the creative minds at work producing the gorgeous Buick LaCross, they might just come up with such a promotion. I’d really love to plan the actual menu, and to meet the Prince of Monaco.

Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll be a contestant again next year!